Laskin Law Library 3rd Annual Poetry Contest – Ist Prize Winner

December 6, 2019

And the winner is…. Emma Weiss, for Lobby Stare Away. 

Lobby Stare Away
by Emma Weiss

Sitting in some Bay St. main floor lobby

Moving to some other Bay St. main floor lobby

Sitting. Waiting.





Feet cramping


Writing thank yous

“signalling interest”


Look up.


Look down.


Other stressed



Feet cramping peers

All around.


Don’t make eye contact.


You are vulnerable

They are the competition.

You don’t really know each other

You see each other every day and don’t say hi

Why start now

Especially when their day is going better than yours,

You’re sure of it,

With absolutely no information.


What the hell are we all doing in these lobbies.

What kind of shitty game is this?


Look up.


Someone is approaching


She introduces herself as Anne

She is from the University of Calgary

she has been sitting in the same lobby as you

For the past 3 days

Also stressed, tired, sweating, feet cramping



She is smiling at you

She is friendly towards you

She is refreshing

She asks you how your day has been

And she is the first to not evaluate your answer

she offers you jelly beans


she is the absolute best part of your week from hell.


Look up

Keep your head up.

Laskin Law Library 3rd Annual Poetry Contest – 2nd Prize Winner

December 6, 2019

Congratulations to Isaac Gazendam (coincidentally also a winner last year) for his winning poem, Il: A brief.  A poetic journey through the first year experience.

1L: a brief

we started out in august
last so young so innocent
the long hot days of summer were
not yet in their descent

we gallivanted round the six
on lazy afternoons
and nothing no one doused our joy
for we’d be lawyers soon

old jackman he still shone so bright
facade of stone and steel
was burnished by hopes dreams desires
and swaddled in our zeal

a few days in we were not stalled
we had not yet gone far
with morland-jones v taerk how fun
just never own a bar

we know just how to brief a case
we know mclachlin j
we know that every time she writes
we don’t know what she’ll say

we’ve learned of precedent and when
lord denning thinks it’s wrong
we’ve stumbled through call to the bar
and been lost in the throng

semester starts we’re in it now
hid snug behind our screens
we’ll learn of crim and con and torts
whatever that one means

then lrw begins
the sheen begins to fade
but never fear we’ll learn so much
in small group (i’ve been played)

a constant stream of cool events
pbsc or dls
it all begins to blur

the cases they come hard and fast
the doctrines never sleep
from delgamuukw to ewanchuk
and fagan oh that *bleep*

morgentaler a real hero
a man before his time
wilson comes in with her hot take
on law’s male paradigm

what is a chicken, I don’t know
but is that why I’m here
and in what world is welding safe
upon an oily pier

the classes they begin to drag
the memos give us pause
who really cares who gets the dog
or where the income was

at least we get our fridays free
oh wait that was a lie
yak’s snacks is sweet if you can go
but stress is climbing high

it all comes to a head a peak
when exams roll around
obsessing over h and p
drives us into the ground

i need a carbolic smoke ball
to make it through alive
then suddenly it’s over done
we did it we survived

january a nice fresh start
just kidding it was hell
new classes profs and the recruit
but halfway through 1L

the process it begins again
new doctrines to employ
and lrw is now
legal process oh joy

things are not looking up in crim
though pappajohn is gone
and donoghue she just found what
that’s nasty, stephenson

i think i’ve got the oakes test right
never mind ignore me
the court cannot seem to decide
just what a breach may be

where do i get me one of those
nice ellenborough parks
is that nearby ol’ high trees house
oh crap that’s off the mark

the glow of new-ness is dulled by
days in the library
is anything in this damned law
not all arbitrary

who got a job what did you hear
an interview that’s great
am i not good enough
do i still belong in this place

and for the millionth time i will
question my sanity
for taking on all of this debt
is it all worth the fee

now march is nigh and who knows yet
what it still has in store
april exams are sure to shock
and shake us to the core

but never mind all that just think
back to those august days consider
just how far we’ve come in
this long, law-fuelled haze

although at times it has been hard
at times did overwhelm
1L has been a wild, fun ride
with you all at the helm



Laskin Law Library 3rd Annual Poetry Contest – 3rd Prize Winner

December 6, 2019

Congratulations to Lynne Westerhof (also a winner last year) for her winning Poem The Space Between the Pillars. Anyone who knows the library and knows Torys Hall will instantly recognize the space between.

Announcing the 3rd Annual Poetry Contest Winners

December 5, 2019

And the winners are..

  • First place – Lobby Stare Away by Emma Weiss
  • Second Place – Il: a brief by Isaac Gazendam
  • Third Place – The Space Between by Lynne Westerhof

Stay tuned and we will post the winners shortly…

There were a number of other great poems submitted that we think deserve honourable mention:

  • Natural Law:  A Legal Education by Benjamin Millar
  • One Tort Over the Line (A song) by Conlin Delbaere/Simon Fraser
  • Someone to Run With by Ellie Minchopoulos
  • Strategy by Emma Weiss
  • November Chills by Sara Bolourchian
  • Yak’s Snacks (Haiku) by Alysa Holmes
  • Law School Poem: An Irac Analysis by Shadha Zawari
  • Untitled by Annette Latoszewska
  • Oh the Places You’ll Stay (parody) by Hannah Cinel

Recent Tables of Contents – October and November 2019

November 28, 2019

New Additions to the Indigenous Perspectives Collection – November 2019

November 15, 2019


21 things you may not know about the Indian Act / Bob Joseph
KE7709.2 .J67 2018. Course Reserves

More Information

Braiding legal orders : implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples / John Borrows, Larry Chartrand, Oonagh E. Fitzgerald and Risa Schwartz, editors.
K3247 .B73 2019
More Information


Canadian law and indigenous self-determination : a naturalist analysis /Gordon Christie.
KE7722 .C5 C57 2019
More Information
Flawed precedent : the St. Catherine’s case and Aboriginal title / Kent McNeil.
KEO1047 .O39 M36 2019 Course Reserves
More Information


Kayanerenkó:wa : the Great Law of Peace / Kayanesenh Paul Williams.
KIF80 .W55 2018
More Information
Many nations under many gods : public land management and American Indian sacred sites / Todd Allin Morman.
KF5605 .M67 2018
More Information


North American genocides : indigenous nations, settler colonialism, and international law /

Laurelyn Whitt, Alan W. Clarke.
KZ7180 .W452 2019
More Information


Reconciling indigenous peoples’ individual and collective rights : participation, prior consultation and self-determination in Latin America /

Jessika Eichler.
KG481 .E43 2019
More Information


The rights of indigenous peoples in marine areas /

edited by Stephen Allen, Nigel Bankes, Øyvind Ravna
K3260 .R55 2019
More Information


The unexpected cop : Indian Ernie on a life of leadership / Ernie Louttit.
HV7911 .L698 A3 2019
More Information


What has no place, remains : the challenges for Indigenous religious freedom in Canada today /

Nicholas Shrubsole.
KE4430 .S57 2019
More Information



New Books in the Library – October 2019

November 6, 2019

We have a couple of new acqusitions lists to highlight: September and October


HD62.6 .M355 2018
Title: The management of nonprofit and charitable organizations in Canada / Keith Seel, general editor.
Edition: Fourth edition.
Publication info: Toronto, Ontario : LexisNexis, 2018.
Subject: Nonprofit organizations–Canada–Management.
Subject: Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations–Canada.
Subject: Nonprofit organizations–Law and legislation–Canada.

KD7869 .S56 2019
Title: Simester and Sullivan’s criminal law : theory and doctrine / A. P. Simester, J.R. Spencer, Findlay Stark, G.R. Sullivan and G.J. Virgo.
Edition: Seventh edition.
Publication info: Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2019.
Subject: Criminal law–England.
Subject: Criminal law–Wales.
Location: Reserves
KE482 .S84 B37 2019
Title: Researching legislative intent : a practical guide / Susan Barker and Erica Anderson.
Publication info: Toronto, ON : Irwin Law, 2019.
Subject: Law–Canada–Interpretation and construction.
Subject: Legal research–Canada.
Subject: Legislative histories–Canada.
Location: Reserves
KEO1047 .O39 M36 2019
Title: Flawed precedent : the St. Catherine’s case and Aboriginal title / Kent McNeil.
Publication info: Vancouver ; Toronto : UBC Press, 2019.
Subject: Ojibwa Indians–Ontario–Claims–Cases.
Subject: Ojibwa Indians–Land tenure–Ontario–Cases.
Subject: Land tenure–Law and legislation–Ontario–Cases.
Series: Landmark cases in Canadian law.
Location: Reserves
KJC3655 .M87 2019
Title: Reason and fairness : constituting justice in Europe, from medieval canon law to ECHR / by Ulrike Mߩg.
Publication info: Leiden ; Boston : Brill Nijhoff, 2019.
Subject: Justice, Administration of–Europe–History.
Subject: Law–Europe–History.
Subject: Canon law–History.
Series: Legal history library ; v. 27.

Recent Tables of Contents – September 2019

October 9, 2019

New Additions to the Indigenous Perspectives Collection – September 2019

September 5, 2019

Canadian justice, Indigenous injustice : the Gerald Stanley and Colten Boushie case / Kent Roach
HV6535 .C32 S28 2019
More Information

Indigenous rights and water resource management : not just another stakeholder / Katie O’Bryan
K3247 .O27 2019
More Information
Modern First Nations legislation annotated / Paul Salembier … [et al.].
KE7703.9 .M63 2019
More Information
Native land talk : Indigenous and arrivant rights theories / Yael Ben-Zvi Morad
KF8400 .M67 2018
More Information
Regaining paradise lost : indigenous land rights and tourism, using the UNGPS on business and human rights in mainstreaming indigenous land rights in the tourism industry / by Mary Kristerie A. Baleva
K738 .B35 2019More Information
Research journeys in/to multiple ways of knowing / Jennifer Markides and Laura Forsythe, editors
GN380 .R47 2019
More Information


Recent Tables of Contents – August 2019

August 30, 2019

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