Canada Law Book – Criminal Spectrum Online

October 27, 2008

We now have access to Canada Law Book’s Criminal Spectrum online product.$fn=cs_home.html&vid=criminalspectrum:crimspec

This is available on everywhere on campus by IP access.

Criminal Spectrum includes current key secondary sources such as:

– The Criminal Law Quarterly (first time online as far as I know)
– Salhany, Canadian Criminal Procedure, Sixth Edition Clewley
– Ewaschuk, Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada, Second edition
– MacFarlane, Drug Offences in Canada, Third Edition
– Hill, McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence, Fourth Edition
– McDermott, Sentencing: The Practitioner’s Guide
– Harris, Youth Criminal Justice Act Manual
– Martin’s Annual Criminal Code
– Martin’s Related Criminal Statutes

It also includes the Canadian Criminal Cases and the Federal and Provincial legialstion.

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