Exam Database for Law Students

August 28, 2009

Law School Exams for the last five years are now available in a searchable database via  e.legal.  Rather than the simple chronological list of list from previous years, the new exam database is searchable by professor, subject or course title and academic year. Students can access the database through the Library’s student portal or from the e.legal drop down menu on the homepage.

e.legal is available by password to the U of T Faculty of Law Community only. Incoming students will receive their e.legal passwords via e-mail in early September.

House of Lords ends role as final appeal court in the UK

August 4, 2009

From the UK Parliament Website

“On 30 July 2009, the judicial function of the House of Lords and its role as the final – and highest – appeal court in the UK ended, bringing about a fundamental change to the work and role of the House of Lords.”

The New United Kingdom Supreme Court was established by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 and will start work on 1 October 2009. This court will act impartially and  independently from Parliament and will be the highest court of appeal .

“The Supreme Court will also have jurisdiction in relation to devolution matters under the Scotland Act 1998, the Northern Ireland Act 1988 and the Government of Wales Act 2006.” (http://www.justice.gov.uk/about/supreme-court-about.htm).


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