The UK Statute Law Database

March 3, 2010

Looking for UK Statutes.  Check out the UK Statute Law Database. The UK Statute Law Database  is the official revised edition of the primary  and secondary legislation of the United Kingdom.  The database covers revised statutes that were formerly included in Statutes in Force from 1991 as well as those formerly included in The Northern Ireland Statutes Revised from January 2006.

‘Primary legislation’ includes:

  • Acts of the UK Parliament
  • Acts of the pre-UK Parliaments
  • Acts of the Scottish Parliament
  • Measures of the National Assembly for Wales
  • Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly (and other primary legislation for Northern Ireland)
  • Church of England Measures (legislation for the established church in England passed by the General Synod of the Church of England)

‘Secondary legislation’  includes

  • Statutory Instruments
  • Scottish Statutory Instruments
  • Welsh Statutory Instruments
  • Statutory Rules of Northern Ireland
  • Church Instruments
  • Bye-laws

The database enables the researcher to:

  • View amended legislation as it has changed over time
  • See how legislation will be affected by amendments not yet in force
  • See how legislation has been amended for different jurisdictions
  • Navigate links between affecting and affected legislation
  • Search the text of legislation for words and phrases

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