The Complete Set of Ontario Law Reform Commission Reports is Now Online

January 11, 2012

The complete set of the Ontario Law Reform Commission papers and reports have been digitized and are now available on the Internet Archive. Each report can be viewed in various formats including; PDF, Epub, Kindle, plain text html, etc.

Even though these reports are not current they are still relevant for legal researcher. Law Reform Commission reports generally focus on a specific area of the law. They provide a comprehensive outline of the state of the law with respect to key issues and then analyse the law in that context. These reports also provide recommendations on how the law could be improved or reformed.

An advanced search for Ontario Law Reform Commission in the “Creator” field will retrieve over 100 reports on a wide variety of subjects. Subject searching of the Internet Archive is awkward. Instead, to locate Law Reform Commission reports from Ontario and other jurisdictions go to the British Columbia Law Institute’s Law Reform Database and search by keyword.  You can then return to the Internet Archive and search for a specific title.

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January 11, 2012

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