The Bora Laskin Law Library is Moving

Where are we going?

During construction of the new Jackman Law Building the library will be moving to:

The Birge-Carnegie Library
75a Queen’s Park
Toronto M5S 1K7

When will the move occur?

The library move is scheduled for June 2013, the exact date is not available yet but the library will be closed for a few days during the move. We will post the closing dates on the website as soon as we know. We will start moving some books out of the library in advance of the closing, likely as early as the third week in May but the key resources will be available until the closure.

How can I contact library staff?

The best method of contact is via email. Please be aware that during the move staff may not have access to their telephones while we are transitioning.

What services will the library offer during the move?

Students or Faculty can email their reference questions to the reference librarians who will do their best to answer them within the constraints of the resources we have available at the time. All other services will be suspended during the move.

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