Move Diary: Day 4

The movers have now moved over 3000 boxes of books out to the Robarts Library (see below for a list of the material that will be available at Robarts).  At the Robarts end, the unpacking has begun and will continue over the weekend.

The Law Library Collection at Robarts Library

Material housed on the 13th floor of Robarts Library is identified in the catalogue as belonging to the Robarts Library, with the location Law Library Collection, 13th floor. Materials housed in storage on the B2 level are labeled with the location Law Library Storage. Robarts Library’s daily retrieval service, including the online retrieval service, will pick up the material from the Law Storage collection on the B2 level in response to user requests.

Robarts Library 13th floor open stacks

    • UK Law reporters that are not online in PDF format
    • US reference materials: Corpus Juris Secundum and West’s Words and Phrases
    • A-D class (books on philosophy, religion, world history)
    • JX – JZ Class (older books on international law)
    • KF class (books on US law 2000-) (Canadian, US, UK books up to 1999)
    • L-Z class (books on science, medicine, technology)
    • Old Casebooks

Robarts basement storage – can be retrieved by request             

    • Bound Journals (about 80% of these are online via the Law Library subscriptions)
    • Core Australian and NZ law reports (older volumes not online)
    • Selden Society historical materials (Online via the Law Library subscriptions)
    • Halsbury’s Annual volumes (not online)
    • F-JV class (books on history, social sciences, political science) (not online)

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