You might be wondering…..

…how the library will manage to continue to serve our constituents with our usual efficiency now that we are in temporary quarters with only a streamlined collection at hand. Well, there are two answers to that.

1) Even though we are in a smaller space we did bring the same level of expertise and services to Birge Carnegie as was available at Bora Laskin.

  • We have skilled librarians who know legal research – who have spoken, published and taught the subject (including as partners in the first year Legal Research and Writing Program) and are considered to be experts – who will help with legal research, the use of legal databases and legal materials as well as formulating a research strategy. We also provide less obvious forms of support; collection development for example. We continue to build and excellent collection by evaluating library materials and resources and purchasing the best and most useful tools for you to use.
  • We also have a dedicated interlibrary loan staff who will scour the ends of the earth to find what you are looking for if we don’t have it available
  • Behind the scenes –- our cataloguing and acquisitions departments;  staff who locate, purchase, receive, and classify and catalogue the materials in the library, make it possible for library users to actually use our library resources. Having our materials located in multiple locations, as you can imagine, adds whole new levels of complexity to their work which they are handling admirably.
  • It is not just the materials we support, it is also the technology, the IT staff aid with wireless access, troubleshoot hardware and software problems and give advice on computer issues.
  • We have also taken on the additional  job of providing AV support in all the various classroom locations that are in use during this time of transitions

2) Although our collection is smaller there are still 130,000 volumes available for use. We maintain a core collection of 30,000 volumes of key print material at Birge Carnegie. The texts included in the core collection were carefully selected to be the most relevant to current research and course work.

  • The material at Birge includes the reserve collection, containing the  required texts for all courses as well as the most important treatises in key subject areas
  • New acquisitions after 2000 for all jurisdictions
  • Texts on International and comparative law
  • Current periodicals and important periodicals not available electronically
  • Digests: Canada and the UK Canadian Abridgment, CED & Halsbury’s
  • Statutes: Canada (pre-confederation-present) and Ontarion (pre-confederation-present)
  • Supreme Court Reports, Dominion Law Reports and Ontario Reports

In addition we also maintain our extended collection at the Robarts library.  There are 100,000 texts in Robarts; 50,000 in the open stacks and 50,000 in accessible storage. These books are also quite heavily used by law students and legal researchers. Their location is indicated in the catalogue as” Robarts – Law Library Stacks – 13th floor” or if they are in storage “Robarts  (Law Library Storage)”
This collection is augmented by our extensive collection of electronic subscriptions.  All of the material in deep storage has an electronic counterpart that we have purchased and made available to you.

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