Welcome to the Bora Laskin Law Library: August 2014

To all new law students:
Welcome to the Bora Laskin Law Library.

The librarians and staff of the Law Library look forward to working with you as you complete your legal studies. Our library is currently located in the Birge Carnegie Building at 95 Charles Street West, where you will have access to study space, our core collection and the expertise of our librarians and staff.

The Library is housed in the historic Birge Carnegie Building which was first opened to students in 1910. The Reading Room, located on the main floor provides an impressive space for quiet study. Next to the Reading Room you will find our printing and copying facilities and on the lower level you will find our print collection. The print collection at Birge includes our Short Term/Reserve materials as well as the key treatises to which you will refer to during your studies. For more information about the library’s resources and policies, please check out our website at http://library.law.utoronto.ca

The Library’s strongest asset is its staff. We will advise you on research strategy, find the most relevant materials to assist with your course work, show you how to get the best out of our electronic resources, solve any tricky citation problems that you can throw at us and sometimes just provide a sympathetic ear when you need one. Our Reference Desk can be found on the lower floor of Birge. Library offices are on the main floor, across from the student lounge and reading room. Please drop by any time.

During your time here, the Law Library will become a trusted resource, a resting stop between classes and a home away from home. Welcome and best of luck with your law school career!

The Bora Laskin Law Library

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