Construction: Then and Now (Part 1)

Recently while organizing the Bora Laskin Law Library’s files, one of our staff members came across some photos of the demolition of the first University of Toronto Faculty of Law Library in preparation for building the Bora Laskin Law Library that existed from 1991 t0 2014.

This is the view of the old building from Philosopher’s Walk. The bottom floor was the classroom wing and the upper two floors housed the library.

old law library

Here is a view of the construction site from a similar angle once the demolition had started. One interesting thing that stands out is the lack of construction hoarding in the middle photo.  The workers are wearing hard hats but there is very little evidence of a great deal of consciousness of health and safety unless the photo was taken from inside the hoarding.  Times have changed. A bit of research shows that in the early 1990’s more stringent Health and Safety Regulations were enacted including O Reg 213/91 which focuses specifically on construction sites.

construction 2

And here is the view of the construction from philosophers walk as it looks today.

2015-10-15 17.23.53

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