A Sneak Peek at the New Library

By Alexia Loumankis

On Sunday, October 24, some of the Library staff got a sneak peek of the Jackman Law Building during a tour of the construction site. Thanks to Sooin Kim for the great photos.

The Reserve Collection

While it’s currently housing construction supplies and a make-shift meeting room, when finished this area will house the course reserves and circulation, IT, and reference desks.

library image 2This area is the information commons. While the entire Jackman building will have wireless connectivity and plenty of outlets and charging stations, the information commons will have numerous personal computers and a printing and scanning station.

library image 3Group study rooms can be found throughout the new library. Here are two next to the information commons.

library image 4The Grand Reading Room will have plenty of study space. Behind the stairs will be stacks of Canadian legislation and case law.

library image 5Given its grandeur, it will also be a great space for parties and gatherings. The rules forbidding food and drink in the Library may be overlooked. Shhhh …

library image 6The outside of the building is covered in glass, and limestone “fins” — an homage to the older limestone buildings on campus with a nod to modernity.


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