The Bora Laskin Law Library is Re-Opening

Great news: the new Bora Laskin Law Library will be open this coming Tuesday, February 16!

Some details. The Birge Carnegie collection will remain where it is for reading week, but other parts of the collection are in and more will come soon. In other words, the library will have a study hall feel at first rather than a full service library, but what a great study hall! The Faculty will hang on to the library space at Birge Carnegie until the end of term and will shift services over to the new library steadily.

A few points at a more granular level: 

1.       Access to the Library will be through the Flavelle House foyer. Please note you will travel down a short unfinished looking corridor. This is required as part of the partial occupancy process and is not the final finished design.

2.       Upon opening the space limited staffing and services in the new library will be available and the hours of operation will be 9am-5pm. The Birge Carnegie library will continue to offer full services and normal hours of operation.

3.       The current Birge Carnegie library and library services will close on Friday, February 19 – Sunday, February 21 to allow the library materials, librarians and library staff to be relocated to the new space.

4.     On Monday, February 22 the new library space will open and offer normal services and hours of operation.

5.       The reading room in Birge Carnegie will continue to be available for silent study until the end of term as per the current hours of operation.

6.       A communication from the Library will be forthcoming with greater details regarding services, hours, etc during the transition.

7.       Please expect some minimal noise for the first 2 weeks as the collections are repatriated from their storage locations.

Please be patient during this process as we navigate transitioning to the new space. For example, there are still a number of minor items in the new library that have not been completed but that will be finished in the coming weeks. Also, in order to receive a partial occupancy approval we had to agree to restrict access to 6 study rooms on the 3rd floor.

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