New and Noteworthy – February 2017

Stay connected:

The Library now lends out Apple (lightning) & Android phone chargers. They can be signed out for three hours from the Circulation Desk.

Research resources:

Database of cases decided by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (PC), present day Supreme/High Courts and Courts of Appeal of 18 Caribbean countries. Also included are cases decided by special courts such as the Industrial Courts of Antigua and Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago; the Industrial Disputes Tribunal of Jamaica, the Tax Appeal Board of Trinidad and Tobago and the Revenue Court of Jamaica and more.

Immigration Law & Policy (HeinOnline)
This U.S. collection features historical documents and legislation related to immigration in the United States, as well as current hearings, debates and recent developments in immigration law. It also includes BIA Precedent Decisions, legislative histories, law and policy titles, extradition titles, scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and other related works. (The Library is trialing this product; we welcome feedback about it.)

History of Supreme Court Nominations (HeinOnline)
This collection covers Supreme Court of the U.S. Hearings and Reports on Successful and Unsuccessful Nominations of Supreme Court Justices by the Senate Judiciary Committee and includes articles, hearings, and other related titles to create a historical database on past and present Supreme Court Justices beginning with the first Supreme Court Justice, John Jay. (The Library is trialing this product; we welcome feedback about it.)

Fisheries Pollution Reports (Internet Archive)
Published from 1980-1992 by Environment Canada. Includes Canadian court cases that consider one or more of sections 34 to 42, inclusive, of the Fisheries Act.

#research4refugees Update:

The National Research-a-thon was an all-around success, which is especially admirable given that it was organized in just a few days. In all, 840 participants, from all of Canada’s 22 law schools, completed over 3000 hours of research and raised over $7,000 for the Canadian Council for Refugees. It was wonderful to see the law school’s students, staff, and alumni giving back to the community.

See how the day played out on twitter. And hear why our students participated.

Great job everyone!

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