March Madness

While the real March Madness will be decided on Monday (in April, go figure), around here the busyness is palpable. We’re just days away from exams starting and the library is alive with students reading, writing, and citing.

To support the students during this stressful time, we’ve revived our Relaxation Station, which includes novels, magazines, colouring, and puzzles. It’s now located in our copying and scanning area.

Relaxation Station

To help combat end-of-term stress, next week the law school will be hosting Doggy Day, whereby students can sign out a dog for a 30 minute walk around campus. It’s a popular activity around here, last year over 70 students signed up.

The Library’s extended hours continue until April 19, 2017. They are Monday – Friday, 8:45 am – 12 midnight and Saturday – Sunday, 10 am – 10 pm.

We wish students the best of luck with their final assignments, essays, and exams. And encourage them to get in touch with any questions.

Our Librarians are happy to help students with their research and citations. The Reference desk is staffed Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm, but students are welcome to consult with us outside of those hours. We can be contacted here.

Keep Calm


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