So now what?

School’s out for summer: the last of the exams was written yesterday afternoon and 10:00am this morning was the deadline for written assignments.

But before you start studying for the bar ads or get busy with your summer job, relax and distract yourself with the following events around campus.

Check out the beautiful cherry blossoms at Robarts Library.


You can also watch their progress on twitter by following #cherryblossom

You were probably too busy to participate in Canadian Film Day, but, don’t worry, you can borrow over 700 Canadian feature films from U of T’s Media Commons.

Continue your #ReconciliationResolution by visiting two new exhibits at Hart House that were created by faculty and students from U of T’s Department of History to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Committee’s Calls to Action and Canada’s 150th Anniversary celebrations. Canada by Treaty features historical maps, paintings, text, and archival photographs, while Words to Form – The Shape of Reconciliation is a proposed monument devoted to residential schools and the issue of reconciliation by student James Bird. (For more information about both exhibits, please see here.)

Take in some art at U of T’s Art Centre. It’s All Happening So Fast: A Counter-History of the Modern Canadian Environment is on from May 3 until mid-July.

Or catch a falling star at U of T’s Planetarium.

Whatever your next steps are — we wish you continued success and congratulate you on another positive and engaging year. We hope to see you soon!


*Photo courtesy of U of T.

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