Announcing the Law School Limerick Contest Winners

January 3, 2018

The Law School Limerick Contest winners are:

  • 3rd prize – Elizabeth Roach

Students of law, learn stare decisis
Rule of law and the poor Roncarellis
While they take no alarm
when a neighbour does harm
they’ll avoid snails in bottles in their bellies.

  • 2nd Prize: Luke Maynard @lukemaynard

When libraries named after Laskin
Run limerick contests, they’re askin’
Each student who crams
To neglect their exams
And gamble their future at Fasken.

  • 1st Prize: Katie Longo @LadyJongo.

There once was a guide called McGill,
Whose rules made students quite ill.
To help students cite
Librarians stayed up all night
And fixed the mistakes with goodwill.

Drop by the library and ask for Gian to pick up your prize

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