New Featured Title – Storytelling for Lawyers

When we think about those lawyers in literature, in films, and in real life,  who’s eloquence has moved juries and persuaded judges, it is not surprising that we have a vision of lawyers as being brilliant wordsmiths and storytellers.

As the  review linked below states “judges and juries need to feel at ease with their decisions, and the best way to do that, I believe, is to sweep them along with a compelling narrative” (Marshall Goldberg, 64 J. Legal Educ. 515 (2015) (reviewing Philip N. Meyer, Storytelling for Lawyers (2014)). This book focuses, using fictional and real life examples, on how lawyers need, not only know the law but to be able to tell a convincing story using all the appropriate elements of  plot,  theme, and character development. Storytelling is not, as we can see, an innate talent; it is a skill that can be practised and learned. Fortunately, for those who would like to learn this skill, the library has just acquired  Storytelling for lawyers (K181 .M49 2014).


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