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November 6, 2009

It is often difficult to keep current with what is new in the world of legal academic publishing. Jotwell, sponsored by the University of Miami School of law, attempts to make this task easier by identifying and discussing the best new legal scholarship in the form short (500-1000 words) reviews of recently published articles, or contributions to pre-publication sites like SSRN or BePress. Each section of the site is supervised by an editorial team of legal academics who solicit entries from the academic community.  The site includes sections on

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Recommended Canadian Law Blogs

January 2, 2009

  • A discussion of the latest and most interesting developments in law and legal technology.
  • A cooperative blog with contributions by legal academics, lawyers and law librarians
  • Administered by Simon Fodden, Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School,
  • Included in the ABA list of top 100 Legal Blogs
  • Winner of 2008 Clawbie Award for Legal Culture and Legal Technology Blogs

The Court

  • A discussion of the recent work of the Supreme Court of Canada with contributions from academics and law students.
  • Founded by Simon Fodden and edited by James Stribopoulos, Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School and a team of student editors
  • Winner of a 2007 and 2008 Clawbie Award
  • Includes:
    • Interpretation and analysis of recent Supreme Court cases with links to judgments and media commentary.
    • Top Court Talk: a column within The Court where correspondents around the world report on recent developments at their “top courts.”
    • Rewriting Equality: the judgments of the “Women’s Court of Canada”

FP Legal Post

  • “… gossip and news about the legal profession, including law firms’ internal business, who’s moving where and developments in marketing, litigation, practice management and business law”
  • Provided by the National Post and edited by lawyer and journalist Jim Middlemiss
  • Included in the ABA list of top 100 Legal Blogs


  • An in-depth blog about advances and changes in the legal profession
  • Written by Jordan Furlong, lawyer, journalist and current editor-in-chief of the Canadian Bar Associations National
  • Included in the ABA Top 100 Law Blogs list
  • Winner of 2008 Clawbie Award for Best Canadian Law Blog

University of Alberta Faculty Blog

  • Repository of academic discussion of the legal issues of current Canadian, foreign and international legal issues
  • A collaboration of a number of University of Alberta Law Faculty
  • Winner of a 2007 “Clawbie” Award

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The Court Blog

April 23, 2008

Here is another good resource.  The Court – A blog from Osgoode Hall Law School, specifically about the Supreme Court of Canada has useful commentary on the activities of the court as well as case commentary by scholars and practitioners.  For Value added, the blog also provides links to recent decisions and links to news about the court.

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