Tracking Current Legislation Using Canadian Legislative Pulse

January 21, 2011

Tracking Current Legislation

  • Follow the status of a particular new bill  keep track of changes and amendments to an existing statute or regulation using the Canadian Legislative Pulse

Updated daily, Canadian Legislative Pulse enables researchers to track statutes, bills and regulations for all Canadian jurisdictions via e-mail.

E-mail notification options include:

o   New Legislation Provides email alerts whenever new legislation is added to the site. (Includes an option to specify jurisdictions of interest).

o   Amended Legislation Provides email notifications whenever a new Bill is introduced that amends an Act matching a pre-saved criteria (or when the legislation amended by a Bill is changed on a subsequent reading). This alert is particularly useful if there are specific Acts that need to be tracked on an on-going basis.

o   My Bills Provides email notification relating to the progression of legislation (including changes to the proclamation information) with respect to Bills targeted in individual bill folders.

o   Weekly Report The weekly report is an RTF summary of all the changes that have occurred to the site during the preceding seven-day period.

The service includes links to full text bills and regulations. Password available via

Members of the law school can  contact Sooin or Susan or John in the library for assistance in setting up an e-mail alert.

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