Free International Law Library on WorldLII

September 9, 2010

“The International Law Library on WorldLII is the most comprehensive free access international law research infrastructure on the Internet. It has 76 databases, containing nearly 100,000 searchable documents concerning international law, and is expanding rapidly. All databases may be searched simultaneously, or databases may be searched individually or in groupings” (Brochure)

FLARE Index to Treaties

April 15, 2009

Foreign and international law researchers will be interested to learn that the FLARE Index to Treaties is now available on the web.  FLARE is a consortium of British law libraries which provides a series of  “Foreign Research Guides” through the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and which has supported the creation of the FLARE Index to Treaties online.  This index is a useful successor to Bowman and Harris’s Multilateral Treaties: Index and Status as it provides a free searchable database of over 1500 significant multilateral treaties, i.e. treaties with 3 or more parties, and their amendments and protocols.  The database covers treaties from 1856 to present and is searchable by title keyword, subject keyword, date, or place.  The search results include, citation to print copies of the treaties, ratification information and best of all links to the text of treaties that are available online.

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