New Additions to the Indigenous Perspectives Collection

June 8, 2018



By law or in justice : the Indian Specific Claims Commission and the struggle for indigenous justice /
Jane Dickson
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Indigenous tourism movements / edited by Alexis C. Bunten and Nelson H.H. Graburn.
G156.5 .H47 I53 2018
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Roots of entanglement : essays in the history of native-newcomer relations / edited by Myra Rutherdale, Kerry Abel, and P. Whitney
E78 .C2 R66 2018
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Transforming Indigeneity : urbanization and language revitalization in the Brazilian Amazon /
Sarah Shulist.
P40.5 .L3572 S48 2018
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Featured Title – Annotated Aboriginal Law

April 10, 2018

Annotated Aboriginal Law: The Constitution, Legislation and Treaties and Supreme Court of Canada Case Summaries 2018 by Shin Imai.

This is an annual publication which provides the text of, and annotates, each section of the Indian Act,  and various other statutes and regulations, with summaries of cases that have considered each section. It also includes summaries of selected Supreme Court of Canada Cases relating to Aboriginal law and Indigenous peoples from 1995 onwards.

Indigenous Perspectives – Seven Fallen Feathers

January 9, 2018

We just added this book to our Indigenous Perspectives collection. Check it out (literally and figuratively) at

New Additions to the Indigenous Perspectives Collection – October 2017

October 24, 2017



‘Against native title’ : conflict and creativity in outback Australia /Eve Vincent.
KUE254.2 .V56 2017
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Heritage, culture and rights : challenging legal discourses/ Durbach and Lucas Lixinski.
K3791 .A6 H474 2013
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Indigenous rights : changes and challenges for the 21st century / edited by Sarah Sargent and Jo Samanta.
K3247 .I54 2016
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Principles of federal Indian law / Matthew L.M. FletcherKF8205 .F56 2017
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The right relationship : reimagining the implementation of historical treaties / edited by John Borrows and Michael Coyle
E92 .R54 2017
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A rightful place : a road map to recognition /editedby Shireen Morris.
KU519 .I64 R54 2017
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New Additions to the Indigenous Perspectives Collection – August 2017

August 22, 2017
  Cover of book entitled: Dismembered Dismembered : native disenrollment and the battle for human rights / David E. Wilkins and Shelly Hulse Wilkins.
KIE2140 .W55 2017
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 Cover of book entitled: Indigenous Peoples as Subjects in International Law Indigenous peoples as subjects of international law / edited by Irene Watson.
K3247 .I536 2018
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 Cover of book entitled: A land not forgotten A land not forgotten : Indigenous food security & land-based practices in Northern Ontario /

edited by Michael A. Robidoux and Courtney W. Mason.

E78 .O5 L36 2017
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 Cover of book entitled: A National Crime A national crime : the Canadian government and the residential school system, 1879 to 1986 /

John S. Milloy ; foreword by Mary Jane Logan McCallum. (New Edition)
E96.5 .M56 2017
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New Additions to our Indigenous Perspectives Collection – July 2017

July 18, 2017

Cover of Entangled Territorialities


Entangled territorialities : negotiating indigenous lands in Australia and Canada / edited by Françoise Dussart and Sylvie Poirier
GN666 .E58 2017
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Experiencing and protecting sacred natural sites of Sámi and other indigenous peoples : the sacred Arctic / Edited by Leena Heinämäki, Thora Martina Herrmann.
DL42 .L36 E97 2017
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Grounded authority : the Algonquins of Barriere Lake against the state / Shiri Pasternak.
KIC4396.4 .P37 2017
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Cover of Homelands and Empires


Homelands and empires : Indigenous spaces, imperial fictions, and competition for territory in northeastern North America, 1690-1763 /
Jeffers Lennox.
E78 .E2 L46 2017
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Indigenous peoples and their right to political participation : international law standards and their application in Latin America /Alexandra Tomaselli.
KG481 .T66 2016
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Indigenous women’s writing and the cultural study of law / Cheryl Suzack.
PS153 .I52 S89 2017 course reserves
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Pathways for remembering and recognizing indigenous thought in education : philosophies of Iethi’nihsténha Ohwentsia’kékha (land) /
Sandra D. Styres.
E96.2 .S87 2017
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Prairie Rising: Indigenous Youth, Decolonization, and the politics or intervention

Prairie rising : Indigenous youth, decolonization, and the politics of intervention / Jaskiran Dhillon.
E98 .Y68 D55 2017
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Hein’s American Indian Law Collection

July 11, 2017

The Law Library has a been building its Indigenous Perspectives Collection since 2009. The collection covers a broad range of topics  including the arts, history, culture,  literature, and the law. The collection covers Canada, the United States, Australia and other jurisdictions.

Hein Online has recently introduced its American Indian Law Collection which the library is trialing until August 2nd for the U of T community.  Please check it out and let us know what you think. We can be contacted at

The American Indian Law Collection is an extensive collection of  over 1,800 titles and 1.1 million pages of content related to American Indian law. The collection includes:  treaties, US statutes and regulations, case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence. Many titles are unique to this collection.

Here is Hein’s detailed breakdown of its contents:

Tribal Codes

We have recently added the 1981 and 1988 editions of Indian Tribal Codes: A Microfiche Collection of Indian Tribal Law Codes to the American Indian Law Collection. Edited by Ralph Johnson and Richard Davies, and published by the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library, this impressive collection contains nearly 30,000 pages of tribal law. Through HeinOnline’s database integration, users can now browse the code by edition or tribe.

    • Indian Tribal Codes: A Microfiche Collection, 1981 edition. Ralph W. Johnson, editor; Susan Lupton, associate editor. This edition contains sixty-nine tribal codes and an excellent introduction to and analysis of tribal codes.
    • Indian Tribal Codes: A Microfiche Collection, 1988 edition. Ralph W. Johnson, editor; Richard Davies, associate editor. This work contains fifty-six tribal codes and constitutions, but is more extensive than the first edition. Introduction and analysis of tribal codes are provided, as well as indexes of specific subject codifications within individual codes. This edition updates, but does not replace, the 1981 edition.
Legislative Histories

Numerous U.S. Federal Legislative Histories have been compiled on American Indian Law, including:

  • Indian Reorganization Act of 1934: An act signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in which U.S. Federal legislation secured certain rights to Native Americans.
  • Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971: Effected the largest claims settlement in the history of the United States. ANCSA was geared towards resolving long-standing issues surrounding land claims in Alaska, as well as stimulating economic development in Alaska.

More than 20 key serial titles are available in this database relating to American Indian Law, including:

    • Interior Board of Indian Appeals (1970-current): The Interior Board of Indian Appeals is an appeals court review body that has the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to issue final decisions for the Department’s Office of Hearings and Appeals.
    • Decisions of the Interior Board of Land Appeals (1970-current): The Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) is an appellate review body that exercises the delegated authority of the Secretary of the Interior to issue final decisions for the Department of the Interior.
Constitutions, Acts & By-Laws

Contains more than 300 works related to the Constitutions and Laws of American Indian Tribes, including:

  • Constitution and Laws of the Cherokee Nation: Passed at Tahlequah, Cherokee nation, 1839-51. 1 v. Tahlequah, 1852
  • Laws of the Cherokee nation: Passed during the years 1839-1867, 1 v. St. Louis

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