Cinderella at the Ball: Researching Legislative Intent

September 21, 2015

The Canadian Parliamentary Review has recently published an article authored  by Bora Laskin Law Library’s Digital Services and Reference Librarian Susan Barker and  Erica Anderson, Digital and Web Content Manager at the Ontario Legislative Library: Cinderella at the Ball: Legislative Intent in Canadian Courts.

This article focuses on the history and continued use of legislative history and legislative evolution in the interpretation of statutes in Canadian Courts.

Visit our Compilation of Federal and Provincial Legislation and Parliamentary Material

March 24, 2009

The Law Library has recently updated its compilation of  Internet Sources of Canadian Federal and Provincial Legislation and Parliamentary Material by adding links to  journals/votes and proceedings. This list provides a single point of access for  legislation, bills,  regulations, debates, committees, gazettes and now  journals/votes and proceedings for all Canadian jurisdictions.

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